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ErisTerminal® VDP800 Cordless Series

Introducing the ErisTerminal VDP800 Cordless Series from VTech—designed for employees who move beyond their desks. Now you can have the flexibility of a mobile and corded SIP phone solution. Complement your existing SIP desksets with cordless handsets for a more productive workplace.
Cordless mobility to move around the office freely
The VDP800 Series is ideal for small businesses looking for SIP communications. Because of DECT 6.0 technology, employees can move freely around the office while staying connected on their handsets. After provisioning the VDP800 SIP DECT base station to your existing SIP network, add up to 10 VDP801 SIP DECT Cordless Color Handsets as your active workforce grows. If you ever need more coverage in remote areas, add up to five DECT repeaters to the base station.
Cordless color handset for easy call handling
A 2-inch color screen on the VDP801 cordless handset makes it easier than ever to place and answer calls. The cordless handset offers most of the same features of a traditional deskset. Hold, transfer, conference and even intercom between other VDP801 handsets. It’s important calls sound clear in a loud or busy environment. HD audio and reception ensures conversations never get interrupted with static or echoes.
State-of-the art features for mobile workplaces
Enjoy scalability, advanced call handling and repeater support
Easy wireless installation
Set up your phone system in minutes. Cordless handsets can be easily paired with the press of a button. There's no complicated wiring or cabling requirements. You only need one ethernet connection and simple provision on the DECT base for easy deployment.
With support for up to eight SIP lines/accounts, you can manage multiple calls with advanced call handling features.
Clear mobility with DECT 6.0 digital technology
Leave your desk without leaving your work behind. Enjoy DECT 6.0 sound quality and reception, which provides strong protection against wiretapping. DECT also ensures the best call range while not interfering with wireless routers.
Repeater support
Increase range in multiple directions by pairing up to five VSP605 repeaters per VDP800.
Growing pains? Register up to 10 cordless phones to the VDP800 DECT cordless base station and program each one with its own phone number or extension.
Convenient mounting
Make the most of tight spaces. The VDP800 DECT cordless base station can be free standing or wall-mounted.
HD voice quality
With G.722 wideband codec support for HD audio, calls have never sounded so rich and life-like.
Intuitive design
You're in business with a user-friendly interface, large backlit color display, two soft keys and navigational pad.
Advanced call handling
Impress customers with comprehensive call handling features that are compatible with hosted and open-source PBX platforms.*
Three-year warranty
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading, standard three-year warranty. VTech also provides advanced replacement on warranty claims using new, not refurnished products.
*Note: Features and functionality may vary, depending on SIP service provider and/or SIP phone system platform.
Learn about the ErisTerminal® VDP800 Series family of products
Learn about the ErisTerminal® VDP800 Series
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